Mirrors Edge Nokia Lumia mysteriously disappears

We have something very interesting to report covering the Microsoft Xbox title Mirrors Edge, this game has now been released for the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone, but this is where this gets interesting to say the least.

Mirrors Edge from EA Games is exclusive to the Nokia Lumia only, and this 2D platform game for the Lumia has been taken from the 2010 console version. You would have been playing as Faith where you will perform amazing jumps, slides and many acrobatic stunts to thwart obstacles and elements.

That is the good bit, the bad comes where we visit the Windows Marketplace to find this new app, for some unknown reason it has mysteriously disappeared, we cannot find this app anywhere, we know that this game is exclusive for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones at the moment. WPCentral reports that the gameplay and graphics are impressive for the mobile platform, gameplay is not going to be like that of the console version but we expect that.

Gameplay controls are said to be very easy to handle and grasp, there is single player mode as well as the speed run mode that allows Xbox Live users to go up against each other to score the fastest times.

Mirrors Edge can be downloaded via the Marketplace, well this is not true because we cannot find it anywhere, unless it is for USA only and UK residents cannot access via the Marketplace store. There are only two levels, boring but that’s the way it goes for now.

Please do let us know if this is for USA customers only?


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