Xoom WiFi US soak test under way, possibly Jelly Bean

Those over in the good old US of A that own a Motorola Xoom WiFi tablet, will probably know that the Android slate will gain the latest Android operating system, Android Jelly Bean earlier than others, and apparently a soak test is starting for the US Motorola Xoom WiFi.

According to the guys over at Talk Android, Motorola has now issued emails to members of the Motorola Forum that own a Motorola Xoom WiFi tablet, inviting them to take part in testing the upcoming update, and the guys say that although they obviously can’t be 100 percent certain the soak test is for Android Jelly Bean, they believe it is safe to assume so.

So here’s what Motorola sent out to their forum members…”Thanks for joining the Motorola Feedback Network. We would like to invite to you take part in a software test for owners of the U.S. Wi-Fi Xoom. If you are not using a U.S. Wi-Fi Xoom, please excuse and ignore this message.

If you’re interested in testing new software and providing feedback about your experience, please fill out this short registration form.

We recommend you respond as quickly as possible as start times are generally fluid. Please be patient if we don’t contact you right away – and be prepared for a launch at any time.
When we’re ready to begin we will send an email with more information, if you register successfully.”

So if everything goes according to plan, and this soak test is for Android Jelly Bean for the US Motorola Xoom WiFi, owners of the Motorola slate should see the Jelly Bean update hit their device either by the end of this week or next week.

We’d love to hear from anyone who is a member of the Motorola Forums with a Xoom WiFi who is taking part in this soak test to let us know if it is indeed Jelly Bean.

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