Calorie Counter app for Android, lose weight with MyFitnessPal

We enjoy bringing readers news on apps and as well as many entertaining apps there are also some really useful and practical apps. Although many of us make resolutions at New Year to lose weight, by this time of year just as many of us have let things slide again so we thought we’d give you details of an app called Calorie Counter — MyFitness Pal, an Android app that is rated extremely highly.

Calorie Counter — MyFitness Pal is available from Google Play and as well as gaining a PC Magazine Editor’s Choice selection it also came top in Wired Magazine’s Editor’s Pick of Lifestyle apps. This is a hugely comprehensive app giving you just about all the information you need to lose weight and get fit and the even better news is that it’s a free app. Calorie Counter — My Fitness Pal is available from Google Play here and compatibility varies by Android device.

This calorie counter has over 1,700,000 foods in its database, the largest of any Android counter and it’s quick and simple to make entries for food and exercise. User reviews speak highly of this app, which has also been featured in the NY Times, Marie Claire, Family Circle, USA Today, the Today Show and many more. The food entry system will remember your favorites, and you can also add multiple foods at once or save as an entire meal for even more convenience. Your data can be backed up online and it fully syncs with the Web so that you can log in from your phone or computer.

You can share the experience with your friends by tracking each other’s progress and features include tracking major nutrients, progress reports, diet profile and customized goals, recipe calculator and more. You can also use a barcode scanner and create an unlimited number of custom foods. As far as exercise is concerned there are over 350 exercises with cardio and strength training and you can also create an unlimited amount of custom exercises. Reports help you to track your weight and measurements and view progress charts and there’s also a daily nutritional summary.

Web support is at www.myfitnesspal.com and if you want to take advantage of synchronizing and backing up your data you need to create a free MyFitnessPal.com account within the app. Overall this app should give you all you need and a real boost to get on with losing that weight and becoming fitter. If you already use this app let us know what you think of it by sending your comments. Maybe you’ll be trying it out now for the first time and can let us know how you get on?


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