New Bodies and Beats iOS app to become perfect artist

Today we have news of an application that is currently in development and the team behind it are looking for backers as well as beta testers, and the new Bodies and Beats iOS app promises to help you become the perfect artist.

The application is another project over at Kickstarter and will turn users into a digital mashup artist by allowing you to create your own video collages that are set to beats. Users can then change certain elements with a touch of a finger to discover something new. The team behind the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch application where inspired by their original interactive video installation, Exquisite Motion Corpse.

Users pick from a video catalogue of body segments that range from the surreal to the hilarious, which are all accompanied by some unique beats and sound effects from artists such as Mogi Grumbles, Brael, JDSY, and Mux Mool. Then you can mix and remix elements to create something special, funny, and weird.

You will get control of the video speed with half-time and double-time controls, or you can randomize the video clips for new combinations. Backers of the app will get a free download to the iOS device of their choice, and also exclusive access to high quality MP3 music tracks from artists such as Sun Hammer that won’t be found anywhere else.

There is also the opportunity for backers to become beta testers of the app to provide feedback on it before it is released, and you can even provide a photo of yourself that will be brought to life, or you can attend the video shoot where the team will record your body in motion.

The team are aiming to achieve $8,000 in the next 22 days and at the time of writing they have raised $2,215. The application is scheduled to be released during the winter of this year, and backers will also receive items such as T-shirts and screen prints. For more information head over to Kickstarter and check out the video below.

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