Rogers 6GB Super Plan in Canada is supreme

If you are a resident of the great white space known as Canada, and are a Rogers customer, you might like to learn that Rogers have now launched their 6GB Super Plan for their LTE network, and the 6GB Super Plan will be available until the 8th of next month.

A report by Rogers Red Board says the 6GB Super Plan offers customers unlimited Canada wide My10 calling along with unlimited messaging, and unlimited 6pm evening and weekends, and 200 weekday minutes.

Apparently the new 6GB Super Plan gives the user the freedom to download almost 1500 tunes, or send or receive almost 20,000 emails, or if you are social media savvy, 6GB will enable you to update your status 34,460 times, which is roughly 1100 times per day, or you could even stream almost 100-hours of YouTube videos.

They state that 6GB is a lot of data, and this is why they recommend their data sharing plan, which is currently being offered at $10 off per month for a period of 10 months, and by signing up to a no-term data sharing plan in conjunction with the new 6GB Super Plan, a user can maximise monthly data usage by sharing data across up to four additional devices such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop and rocket stick.

So there you go, the 6GB Super Plan is now available on the Rogers LTE network, so we’d like to know if any of our Canadian readers will be taking advantage of the 6GB plan, so feel free to let us know by dropping a line to our comments area below.


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        1. Tony says:

          To add voicemail & call display to your plan is an additional $12.89. Which brings the price to $72.89 & there is no long distance incl as well.

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