Nexus S Jelly Bean update gets underway via OTA

Over the last few months many users of the Android platform have been left wondering when their hardware would receive the Android ICS update, but recently Google has added to this by announcing another update, and now it has been confirmed that the Nexus S Android Jelly Bean update is underway via an OTA update.

Recently we reported to you that owners of the handset in Australia would be receiving the update starting the 19th, and now as GottaBe Mobile are reporting Google has confirmed that the Nexus S Android Jelly Bean update has begun on specific carriers.

The company decided to post on Google+ and confirmed that the update was hitting the Nexus S on H3G, O2, T-Mobile, Rogers, and Vodafone. The company has stated that the update is hitting most countries but strangely doesn’t specify which ones, and for those that are still waiting for the update Google says that more users will start seeing it soon after the initial release.

This confirmation by Google comes shortly after users revealed that the update had reached at least two versions of the handset, with the Over-the-Air update arriving for some owners yesterday. This rollout of the Android Jelly Bean update will mean that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Motorola Xoom are next in line to be updated.

The Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy Nexus HSPA+, Galaxy Nexus, and Motorola Xoom are among the first devices down to be upgraded to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and other hardware such as the Galaxy S3, HTC One X, and HTC One S should be receiving the update in the next couple of months.

Owners of the devices in the US though may have to wait longer before seeing the update, which will bring a number of new features such as Google Now, customizable Notifications, and much more.

Has your Nexus S been updated to Android Jelly Bean yet?


10 thoughts on “Nexus S Jelly Bean update gets underway via OTA”

    1. Simon says:

      Same here and first thing you notice is the smoothness of transition between apps and apps to home screen, sweet. If you’ve not got yours yet clear data from Google Services Framework app then check for update in About Phone. You might have to do this a couple of times like I did and try a reboot before it shows.

  1. Andy says:

    I got it last night and it is very well put together, noticeable speed increase when loading apps and no more menu lag at all.  Nexus S I9020a, Koodo, Ontario, Canada. 

  2. Stephenforster1 says:

    I got the update last night (20th) at 9pm via O2 on my Nexus S in the UK. The results so far are good, faster speed and very smooth

  3. Zgod456 says:

    My nexus s is unlocked for T-Mobile and yesterday at around 6pm my phone said I could update so I did and it had a countdown to reboot and at 7 it disappeared and now when I go to try and update it says its up to date and its still 4.0.4

  4. RonF57 says:

    This news ticks me off. I it as rumored that the S. 3 would get an immediate update to jelly bean ad that was part of the reason for the USA release delay.
    If it isn’t rolled out fast and Samsung stretches it ” a few months” and Verizon has lo ked the boot loader…. I won’t see a jelly bean update until February. Or March of next year at the earliest. I have need to be root this thing cause it needs help.

  5. JungleNoli says:

    Got it on GiffGaff in UK (virtual network piggybacking off O2 network) on my Nexus S. Tried the framework clear data trick several times and nothing. Didn’t even seem to register anything when I clicked check for updates. Left the phone overnight and then when I tried it, it worked straight away. So to all those struggling – maybe try sleeping on it….

    Doesn’t really feel any smoother/faster than Go Launcher on ICS but I welcome it nonetheless

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