Google buys Sparrow app makers, hello Spoogle

The Sparrow app was developed to run Gmail on the Apple iPhone, and the latest news of Google buying out Sparrow for undisclosed amount leaves a few questions unanswered. Google now owns Sparrow, wonder how long it will be before the app is called Spoogle?

On Friday it was confirmed that the buy-out went ahead by the search engine masters Google, Sparrow mentioned in a statement that they still care a lot about how its customers communicate and they did their very best to provide the most intuitive mailing experience that was also pleasurable.

The company will continue to provide software for customers even though Google is now the owner of Sparrow, but this also means that Sparrow are subject to Google’s terms & conditions just like the rest.

The app is still available via the App Store, but you will now see right at the top it says and quotes “Sparrow has been acquired by Google. As the team works on new projects, there will be no new features released for the Sparrow apps, other than minor maintenance and bug fixes.” Love to know what you think about the Google Sparrow buyout?

Obviously this is going to upset a number of Sparrow app users, and if you are one of these users we would love to read your thoughts on the above news. The application will no longer get updates; this means no addition upgrades for the app but only updates for bug fixes, no good extras for the future then for the Sparrow app.

Will you continue to use the Sparrow app, or will all you iPhone users delete the app in protest to Google buying the company? We have seen the name Spoogle pop a few times and even a few of our readers have emailed us about this buyout, so hopefully the news above was of interest.

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