New iPhone 5 cases for bigger screen and 19-pin connector

As most are aware, Apple is expected to deliver the new iPhone in the not too distant future, and naturally with the anticipation of the arrival of the iPhone 5, case makers try to get ahead of the game by going ahead and designing iPhone 5 cases even though details on the new iOS smartphone haven’t been confirmed yet.

As one can imagine it is somewhat of a risky business to produce cases for a handset that hasn’t even been officially announced, but with several leaks and certain info held by case makers they believe they can get ahead of the game, as such Mobile Fun is reporting that they have received several images of iPhone 5 covers.

The guys say all of the iPhone 5 case images show a case that fits an iPhone with a bigger screen of 4-inches, a relocated headphone jack, and that speculated new smaller 19-pin connector, and some of the iPhone 5 cases look quite eye catching, especially the frosty case with integrated kickstand, which looks kind of neat (image above).

As previously reported, the inclusion of that smaller 19-pin connector on the iPhone 5 will probably make all other iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad accessories obsolete if you do purchase the iPhone 5; however according to the guys Apple is expected to deliver an adapter that will enable old accessories to still be used.

So there you have it, case makers are already making cases for the next iOS smartphone without confirmation on the details as far as we are aware, so let’s hope all the rumours over the iPhone 5 turn out to be spot on otherwise those case makers are going to be left somewhat embarrassed.

Take a look at the iPhone 5 case images and feel free to let us know if you like them or not, and if you do, if you have a preference for a particular case.


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