T-Mobile tipped to get supercharged quad-core HTC One X

A lot has been made that T-Mobile over in the US doesn’t offer its subscribers the Apple iPhone officially, but that is not to say the carrier doesn’t have some worthy handsets on offer, and now T-Mobile are being tipped to get a supercharged quad-core HTC One X.

As an article over at Android Spin is reporting, when HTC first announced its new range of One handsets that were powered with the Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor, many people got excited. Trouble is the processor didn’t find its way to the US, but both Samsung and Nvidia have been busy working on a quad-core processor that will work with technology in the country.

Now some new information has emerged from an internal screenshot from T-Mobile that revealed the HTC Era 42, and at the time it was thought that it could be the next T-Mobile branded G series handset, but now it seems this could actually be a HTC One X+.

There have been rumours for a while now that the carrier could be getting a version of the HTC One X, but they decided to release the One S instead. The carrier may have a nice surprise up their sleeves though as the device in question is thought to have a Nvidia Tegra 3 Plus quad-core processor, which has been clocked at 1.7GHz.

It is thought to be coming in September and unless rival carriers have similar plans, the handset could be the first US quad-core handset that has been built and designed to take advantage of the technology in the country.

The Era 42 name that was previously mentioned may be hinting towards T-Mobile HSPA+42Mbps, but the carrier could still brand the device as the next G series device. Whatever the device turns out to be it is likely to get T-Mobile customers excited, and this news comes after we earlier told you the carrier is getting closer to releasing the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Do you like the sound of the HTC One X+?


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  1. David Robson1947 says:

    Maybe a discounted offering to all of us loyal but recently dissappointed Desire HD owners might be a nice gesture,We are the customers to keep on side.

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