Verizon data outage problems today 3G & LTE

As well as bringing you news on smartphones and tablets we also like to keep readers informed about product or network problems and it seems as though today there is some sort of disruption for Verizon customers in the Midwest. Reports tell of a Verizon data outage affecting some customers and we’d like to know how widespread this is.

Apparently the issue doesn’t seem to be affecting voice calling but many seem to be having trouble with data connection issues on both 3G and 4G LTE networks. A report on The Verge says that many customers have contacted them to inform them about the problems so we do know that this is not an isolated incident. Also checking out Verizon Wireless Support on Twitter it’s clear that plenty of people are complaining about the issue and there’s a certain amount of frustration being shown.

Data is reported to be dropping intermittently and it will be interesting to see if The Verge gets any response to their requests to Verizon for comment about the current situation. As there has been no response so far we cannot pass on any news about a possible timeframe for the issue being resolved. This latest outage will not do the giant carrier’s reputation any good coming hot on the heels of other Verizon outages and we’d like to hear from readers who are Verizon customers.

Are you in the Midwest and currently noting data connection issues on Verizon? Maybe you have problems but are not in the Midwest? We’d like to gauge how widespread this issue is so please let us know if you are having problems and also your location by sending us your comments.


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  1. Neil B says:

    I live in NYC and have been having trouble with 3g related to my two gmail accounts since this morning. The phone won’t sync unless I manually tell it to. It’s possible this is unrelated since my phone keeps telling my I have a 3g connection. 

  2. Grapplerone1 says:

    I first noticed my Internet was down about 4:45AM EDT. Calls and 2 incoming texts from Verizon worked. I called them about it about 6:20AM and while I was on the phone with a tech helping me reset my network, he had a message come in hat they indeed had a problem.

    I called back around 8:15 and they said it was widespread through the Midwest. I just tried it about 11AM and it was now working.

    Franklin, Indiana

  3. Terri says:

    I am in the Quad City area (Moline , IL ) and have had connection issues with my IPhone 3G and also my MiFi connection for my laptop.

  4. Don says:

    I am also in the quad cities and my 3G phone did not work this morning (data did NOT work, but voice was ok). However I tried a 4G air card and it worked. This was around 8 AM CDT, my phone started working around 10:00 AM.

  5. Megan A says:

    I am having data connection issues.  I live in the midwest.  It won’t let me connect to internet or make or receive any phone calls.  I can connect on wi-fi but that is it.

  6. Teamscooby says:

    my phone is also acting crazy??? started taking pictures on its own …. then no network… then wont take a charge from any charger

    1. Mquigz125 says:

      Verizon Internet seems to be down in Upstate New York. Anyone else? As of 8:00pm EST cell service and 3G is up. Only way I posted on this is on my phone over 3G.

  7. Clovito2001 says:

    This been on going since last week when they expanded thief network …I’m on the west coast in California …internet goes from 4 g to 3 g and even 1g ….and even drops inbetween g’s etc…probably adusting for the upgrade …if after upgrade I’m paying half for data !

  8. Lauracamp8833 says:

    I live in Oregon and both my husband and I have noticed connectivity issues for a couple of weeks now. Our phones will show 4 or 3G status but then apps say we have no network connection and thus they wont work. Just now I had the problem again and had to turn on my phone’s wifi so I could look up what the heck is going on. I stumbled across this article so thought I would express my frustration and let the writers know that Oregonians are having this verizon problem too.

  9. Kirk Hartley says:

    There is a wide gulf between Verizon’s service claims and reality. The latest example is yesterday’s more or less complete failure of data service in Chicago. According to employees at the Verizon store in Ogilvie Station in Chicago, numerous morning commuters complained that they could not receive any data, and so it’s obvious Verizon’s data network failed across the Chicago area. That of course explains why my Iphone could not send or receive even one email this morning between 6:25 and 7:20.  A quick Google search indicates other regions of the country also have had various recent Verizon failures, including Philadelphia  and Virginia. Where are the regulators – where are fines and automatic service credits for failure? 
    Joan Lappin’s  new article in Forbes puts it well. She says that shareholders love Verizon’s dividend, but customers despise the company because it’s service stinks. She closes with the following – I agree: 
    “One wonders what has happened to the Public Service Commissions across the country.  Nobody seems  to regulate these people.  It probably doesn’t matter if you pick Time Warner, Comcast, Verizon, or any other large cable or telephone operator. They all have awful service. They all charge a lot and they all use call centers with people for whom the job is a paycheck. It’s like any large enterprise. Occasionally you get someone on the phone who would actually like to help you after they get through with the “empathy” part of the call.  Those will actually call you back when they say they will or even issue a credit for all your aggravation.

    It also makes one wonder if VZ is really a worthy investment.  The dividend might be good but the management couldn’t be worse.”
    This morning, service existed but it’s even worse than Verizon’s almost always lousy service. How bad? Terrible and pathetic come to mind. For example, due to Verizon’s dribbling data service,  it took Outlook over 30 minutes to download a routine group of emails.  And, attempts to link the Internet took forever, if the link loaded at all. According to the display on VZ Access Manager (the controlling software for my computer modem), the much touted Verizon network is NOT providing any 3g service, and is usually providing only 3 bars of 1g service. Now, on Tuesday evening, on the southwest Metra train, I’m getting at most 1 bar on 3g service.BTW, out here, 4g is a DISASTER for commuters because it drops 3-5 times per 50 minute commute. I stopped using the 4g and went back to 3g.

  10. AngeLEAnaFlyer says:

    No data connectivity (4G or otherwise) for me in centrl OH tonight; started about 11:30pm 7/31.

    Wi-fi, text and voice seem ok both incoming and outgoing.

    SO frustrated…..

  11. Peacefulpanda7 says:

    I live in Missouri and have been experiencing the data connection problems for a couple of months now! I have called Verizon several times and they refuse to admit to a problem that they are aware of. It is sad that they charge such a high rate for internet services that you can’t even use! I have just about decided to cancel my service altogther since they don’t seem to care or want to fix the problem! Anyone with advice on getting Verizon to step up and treat their customers right……I would appreciate the help!

  12. Suzette says:

    It takes 10, up to 20 tires to access a webpage or facebook app update.  Navigation and maps apps are very SLOW.  My phone constantly tells me I need to have a mobile network set and to change my settings in order to access a webpage.  VERY FRUSTRATING.  Louisville, KY

  13. keiffers says:

    Service very spotty past several days but this afternoon very slow to downright data getting through….still seeing 3G symbol but pitiful service – central texas with an iPhone 4S

  14. Guest says:

    I am in Virginia and have been having problems with my computer internet connection off and on for several days.  Today (Aug 1) the internet was down until almost 3:00p.m.

  15. Kirk Hartley says:

    8:56 pm in Chicago. Out near Orland Park, Il. Computer modem already dropped once. Zero bars of 3G and 1 bar of 1g, but then it goes back up to 4 bars of each. The network is patchy, at best.

  16. Kirk Hartley says:

    Thursday 5:20 pm straight south of Chicago. I’ve been dropped once on 3g modem, and the 3g bars go up and down from 1 to 3. So, it’s working but not very well. 

  17. Cheri says:

    I live in Northeast Washington state…north of Spokane.  NO phone or internet service all morning until about 2:30pm today.  Our local courthouse and area banks were also closed due to the outage.  I did not go to any other local businesses, but imagine many had to close due to this issue.  I’m not very happy about Verizon’s failure to answer consumer’s questions about the reason for the problem. I think it is a “wake up call” for all of us as to how dependant we are on electronic technology to keep the country running. 

  18. Mslady says:

    Ms. Lady

    I’m in Michigan and I’ve been having 4G Data conectivity issues since I upgraded in February 2012. The other person on my account has such bad 4G connectivity problems with staying connected to the 4G Network that they have to keep their phone in 3G. I’ve had constant disconnects as well and had a trouble ticket done in which the results were Verizon has stated to me that they have no intentions on fixing this problem because I’ve only had 15 disconnects in a week yet I’ve called about this issue since February 2012 when I upgraded. It seem like the only way Verizon will dosomething is when customers file complaints with the FCC or the BBB.

  19. Bootina2 says:

    I live in Brooklyn ny I have been without phone service since July 22, it is now Aug 6 I plan to  wait this out and then I plan to switch to another company that at least will have a live person to talk to when a problem arises.To verizon your lack of service will soon bring you down like the rest of the companies that thought they couldn’t  crash.REMBER AOL

  20. Emily says:

    I live in Vermont and frequently visit family in upstate NY, and lately my cell service has been atrocious. I always prided verizon on getting cell service everywhere now I’m fighting for service in areas I know I should be getting it. I rarely have 3g anymore, I would just like someone to fix the problem

  21. Kirk in Chicago says:

    Zero. None. Nada. That’s the level of 3G wireless modem service this morning on at least 15 miles of train ride from the Southwest suburbs into Chicago. That’s on top of the continuing failure to provide reliable 4G service that works when the receiving device is in motion. As the saying goes, Verizon sucks

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