Nokia Lumia 900 Pink gets more female orientated with nail polish

As with most things whether they are smartphones, tablets, clothes or other, the colour pink is usually associated with the female of the species, and although many smartphone makers push our numerous coloured devices, pink models are usually targeted towards the ladies, and this goes for the Nokia Lumia 900 in pink.

Well apparently Nokia wants to make their pink Nokia Lumia 900 even more female orientated, and as such has collaborated with Duality Cosmetics to come up with a nail polish that matches the pink of the Nokia Lumia 900 handset according to an article over on Chip Chick.

The Nokia Lumia pink nail polish will no doubt look fairly stunning when you hold your pink Nokia Lumia 900, though apparently the shocking pink Nokia Lumia nail polish will be available in three one-day-only salons in malls in Los Angeles, Denver and Dallas.

Apparently the director of marketing for Nokia North America, Valerie Buckingham has said that the collaboration with the cosmetics maker marks the next generation of mobility because phones are in your back pocket all day and thus should represent the most personal parts of your style.

So there you have it, if you happen to be near any of the above malls and would like a little nail polish to match your pink Nokia Lumia 900 you can pop in and purchase it, but one does have to wonder if Nokia will stop at pink or whether we will see cyan become available as a nail polish in the not too distant future.


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  1. Limeberg_1929 says:

    Nokia knows how to sell a good product,also Samsung  and Microsoft there the three most people are watching although there are a few other out there that there names are not to noticable but also good.APPLE YOUR FERMENTING the industry

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