Chameleon Launcher for Android is a download must: Update

It is always good to change your colours now and then, be different and make that change with the new Chameleon Launcher for Android, oh yes the beta is right here waiting for you.

Ok it is not right here it is on Google Play for your perusal, and gives you the chance to give some honest feedback.

The Chameleon Launcher for Android is a download must because it allows users to enable a new Home screen for Android tablets, Droid Life have played around with it for about ten minutes and reports that it is fantastic, they say that is it very smooth and minimal and gives users what they want.

The new launcher offers very quick access to news, social media and emails, it has been noted that the full version (Out of beta) could be finally released in full within the next month, we are looking forward for the full official public release soon, in the meantime just enjoy the beta that you can install right now via Google Play.

The source above is giving the app a thorough look and will come back to us all when they have done so, you can also visit the official Chameleon Launcher site.

Main features include the ability to layout apps and widgets how you feel fit, this is fantastic because when you unlock your device you will be shown the best Home Screen that is worth it to you. Just so you know, Chameleon Home Screens can be set up based on time ranges, WiFi networks and GPS locations, to download this app you will need to be running Android 3.2 and up.

Please do let us know if you are using the Chameleon Launcher for Android, anything you can provide us would be great.

UPDATE: Just a reminder that this App is intended for Kickstarter and pre-order participants only. Final Chameleon Launcher is coming soon!


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  1. Eastbound says:

    Just be careful that you don’t make it your default home screen unless you are a kickstarter/pre release customer. The app is free on the market, but it checks your google account against their servers before working. In the email they just released, they stated that access will be granted in stages to the beta subscribers over the next week (i.e., all of the people who contributed to kickstarter/pre-ordered).

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