Final Fantasy 3 Android game hack with hidden talents

If you are a gamer you obviously know of the Final Fantasy series of games, and I’m sure most of the Android gaming faithful out there are aware that the largest video gaming franchise made its mobile debut on the Android platform with the release of Final Fantasy 3 for Android.

Now according to the guys over at XDA-Developers, the Android version of Final Fantasy 3 gets its very own save editor, which means gamers can alter almost anything in the game.

The Final Fantasy 3 save game hack has been posted by forums senior member adrianyujs, and includes the ability to alter such things as magic, jobs, equipment codes so the gamer can actually customise their character to their own requirements.

Apparently the process is fairly simple, simply grab the software, then the save.bin from your device, then edit it, and then place in back with the proper permissions, which of course means you will need to have a rooted device along with a root explorer to set those permissions.

One thing though before any of our Android gamers hit up the XDA-Developer forums to grab the necessary, one should note that it is in Chinese word, and all weapons and items are also in Chinese, so you may need to do a bit of translation.

And of course if you aren’t yet playing Final Fantasy 3 on Android you can download the app, which will set you back $10.99 roughly 17-bucks by hitting up Google Play.


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