GameKlip & Sixaxis app adds PS3 controller mobile gaming

While mobile gaming via smartphones has really changed the way games are enjoyed on the go now with technology getting to a stage where dedicated games consoles arguably may have no long term future, some gamers are still having issues playing titles on touchscreen devices. Things could about to become easier thanks to the Gameklip and Sixaxis app that adds a PS3 controller to mobile gaming.

Only last month we told you of another device that allowed you to use a PS3 controller with your Android smartphone, and now the Gameklip is available for select Android handsets that will delight many gaming fans. The device used with the Sixaxis application that is available on Google Play will let you connect your PS3 to your smartphone to provide native analogue input and emulate touch and hardware controls.

The device is manufactured from strong and durable ABS plastic that easily locates onto your DualShock3 controller, which then provides a solid platform to mount an Android smartphone. The Gameklip will only mount your Android smartphone to the controller and there is no connectivity software included which is where the Sixaxis application comes in.

As Phandroid are reporting if you want to connect your handset wirelessly to the PS3 controller you will need a rooted handset, but there is a non-root version of Gameklip that comes with a USB cable. Only certain devices will work with it straight from the box with the Galaxy S3 being one of them.

It is available now and is priced at $15 for the wireless version or $23 for the wired model, with about $4 for shipping. Check out the demo video below and to find out more head over to TheGameKlip.com.


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