More alleged iPhone 5 parts images surface

Like we’ve said previously on many occasions, and is quite true, the closer the launch of the next iPhone gets, the more images of alleged parts and speculations about the new iOS smartphone hit the mobile space, and today we have yet more alleged images of iPhone 5 parts that have surfaced for your consideration below.

The new iPhone parts images come our way courtesy of Apple Insider, who say the leaked pictures are from iColorOS, which is now being directed to a Lion Server splash page, and show several components that have already been seen such as internal sensors, external buttons, and protective glass cover.

However the guys do say that the interesting thing with these images is a slim sheet of metal that looks to be a protective shielding for the rear of the 4-inch display, and although it doesn’t actually show an assembled iPhone 5, this display shield component does provide a peek at just what a 4-inch iOS smartphone might look like.

Although the component’s true use remains a mystery for now, due to the internal design of the iPhone 5 still not being confirmed, the metal component might be used as an EMI shield to isolate the screen from hot components.

There have been many rumours that Apple will deliver the next iPhone with a larger 4-inch touch screen using in-cell touch panel tech, but like most things with the iPhone 5 nothing is confirmed, but if the new iPhone does indeed come with that 4-inch display it will be the first time Apple has changed the screen size since the original iPhone.

Of course it is widely expected that Apple will finally unveil the next iPhone at a special event on the 12th of next month, although whether the handset ends up being called the iPhone 5 or the new iPhone or something else still isn’t know.

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