Nokia Windows Phone 8 launch week before new iPhone

Although the word is Apple will deliver the iPhone 5 on the 12th of next month, it appears that Nokia is looking to grab attention to their upcoming Windows Phone 8 device before the new iPhone takes over the mobile space, albeit by only a week, and probably hoping to capture the full attention of the mobile space before the iPhone 5 can grab all the glory, as is usual when Apple unveils new gear.

An article over on IBN live reports that on Wednesday, Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO stated that Nokia would unveil a new smartphone running Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows Phone 8 at a joint media event on the 5th of September in New York, which is a week before it is expected Apple will unveil the new iPhone, currently being referred to as the iPhone 5.

That joint media event is of course Nokia World, but Nokia hasn’t revealed any specific plans other than an unnamed handset with Windows Phone 8 will be revealed, but has remained tight lipped over any specs and details of the WP8 handset.

I’m fairly sure everyone knows that Nokia has been having a bit of a rough time in the past and partnered with Microsoft in the hopes to grab back some of their former standing in the mobile space, especially with their first Windows Phone 8 handset, but as the launch of the device is so close to the revealing of the new iPhone, whether it will be good enough to hold the attention of potential customers remains to be seen.

Nokia shared have been trading close to all time lows; however after Elop’s comments rose 3.4% to close at €2.760, roughly $2.55 in Helsinki, whilst in the United States its shares on the New York stock exchange closed up 6% at $2.64, although Standard & Poor’s downgraded the credit rating of Nokia to BB with a ‘negative’ outlook.

Are any of our readers still Nokia fans, and can’t wait to see the first Windows Phone 8 Nokia smartphone be unveiled?

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