Apple iPad retro Padintosh case brings 80s nostalgia

I’m sure some of our readers have fond memories of the 1980’s, and if you happen to own the Apple iPad 2 or the new iPad, and you are a lover of old fashioned retro styling, you can now bring a nostalgic touch of the 1980’s to your iOS slate with a stylish retro case for the iPad called Padintosh, which has been styled on an old 1984 Macintosh to fulfil your fond remembrance of those days gone by.

News of the Padintosh case for the Apple iPad bringing back the 1980s comes our way courtesy of the guys over at TUAW, with the Padintosh for iPad front sporting a picture of a 1984 Apple Macintosh including bevelling around the monitor and showing an old floppy disc slot.

The Padintosh isn’t just about that nostalgic funky 1980s style though, as the iPad case also offers an ultra-thin 2mm hard casing for protecting your iOS slate, and is also compatible with the Apple Smart Cover that you may or may not already be using.

For those Apple fans with either an Apple iPad 2 or new iPad that would love to jazz up their iOS slate with a classy touch of retro style Apple gear, you can purchase the Padintosh case for iPad by hitting up the ThinkGeek website, where you can grab the tablet accessory for just $24.99.

Are any of our iPad toting readers out there tempted to slap some 80s nostalgia onto their iPad 2 or new iPad?

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