iPhone 5 and other Apple devices could get banned

Apple is getting a right kick up the backside by Motorola Mobility after they filed a new patent-infringement case against them claiming that features such as the Siri voice-recognition program on Apple devices infringes its patents. It gets even worse than that if Apple loses out on this one, so much so that the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers could potentially be banned.

Wherever you look online you will always come across an Apple lawsuit, at the moment Apple and Samsung are at loggerheads with each other and now Motorola Mobility have come forward with its own patent infringements, will there be any mercy for these two companies fighting it out?

Out of all the happenings so far between Apple versus’ it will be Motorola Mobility that will become the nemesis, if they win Apple ‘s major devices such as the upcoming iPhone 5 could be banned in the USA, we will all know with the final decision on August 24. Does it stop here? Oh no, because Apple has counter-attacked Motorola Mobility according to Bloomberg. The downside for Apple is that the authorities have made up its minds that Motorola has not crossed any lines of infringement suggesting that two of Apple’s patents were actually invalid.

Motorola Mobility complained to the U.S. International Trade Commission saying that Apple has infringed on seven patents including location reminders, phone/video players and e-mail notifications, this case seeks a ban on U.S. imports on Apple devices such as the iPad, iPhone and Mac computers as said above.

Motorola Mobility said in an e-mailed statement: “We would like to settle these patent matters, but Apple’s unwillingness to work out a license leaves us little choice but to defend ourselves and our engineers’ innovations,”

How do you feel if Apple products were banned in USA? If this does happen then it means the iPhone 5 will be missing in action.


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  1. GB says:

    Yeah im sure this is mostly is not 100% BS. Funny i run across this one link on a website ive never even heard of before. Not sure why im commenting since no one will see it anyway..lol Even if it were true..Apples lawyers are more than capable to take care of this before it comes to a head.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Apple is a US company. How can they possibly ban its products, especially with its large fan base in America? If Motorola succeeds, you can expect a riot and a massive boycott of their products. Personally, I believe the tech companies should all drop this patent war and continue to improve the consumer electronics through innovation and competition.

    1. cm0zk1v says:

      Agreed. I remember when there were no patents on computers and all progress was shared so technology could continue to improve and thrive. Now anymore the mentality is “This is ours and nobody is allowed to make anything like it.” Its a damn shame. I’m what some may call an “Apple fanboy” but that doesn’t mean I believe in everything they do. All these patents and lawsuits are plain BS.

        1. danielh2606 says:

          @deathtocrapple. I’m an android user and even I think your stupid. And as for the patent wars they really should stop. Its stupid. If anything they should all enjoy the competition. When android makes a better phone. Apple makes a better phone. Same as when apple makes a better phone android phones get better. Its all BS….speaking of BS this is the worst article I have ever read

          1. Unfathomable illiteracy says:

            You’re*. Don’t call someone stupid if you can’t even grasp the basics of grammar.

          2. Unfathomable DeathToCrApple says:

            You are stupid and thereofr can easily be compared to imbicills like Polish people.

    2. DeathToCrApple says:

      Because not one of Crapples products is made in America, or even made by Crapple. Crapple outsources its products to Chinese child lab our companies. All hail shitastic Crapple. And if you weren’t such a Crapple fanboi tool you would realize Crapple steals from everyone and then sues them. Crapple is the worst of patent trolls.

  3. Brad110 says:

    Sooooo its fine when Google gets it’s flagship phone banned.. but not when apple does. This is called a taste of your own medicine. Enjoy it, it’s sour. The law is the law. Sorry.

  4. wonton says:

    apple is a coward company for having all their work done in communist china while making billions selling their products here in the U.S. I think we should ban apple’s products forever!! They are not helping creating jobs in America!! This is a time they need to show some patriotism!!!

  5. wonton says:

    apple is a coward company for having all their work done in communist china while making billions selling their products here in the U.S. I think we should ban apple’s products forever!! They are not helping creating jobs in America!! This is a time they need to show some patriotism!!!

  6. ckang says:

    See that’s the problem with America these days, nobody wants to innovate, we just want to copy other companies innovations and take credit for them. I don’t dislike apple. The iphone is a solid device that may not do as much as android, but what it does do, it does well. However, I feel that they continue to copy android more and more with the notification bar and other features. How would you like it if you came up with an awesome idea, and the next day it’s on an iphone?

  7. Bug says:

    Apple is like a spoilt child,why not work hard to make a better product,and beat the opposition that way, instead of running to courts,I will never buy another Apple product, Im not supporting that sort of company.

  8. Mike says:

    Apple really needs to take it easy on all these patent wars. I get they want to be number one, but pissing off every company imaginable is not going to help them. I love all my apple products, and plan on buying the iphone5 but I dont blame samsung for trying to get their products banned. I would be mad if they did get banend, but I would almost understand, given the way apple has become even more greedy since Steve Jobs died.

  9. The Real Thing says:

    SERVES THEM RIGHT! I hate Apple, and I will never buy any of their inferior products gussied up to look like they are fancy. As a true IT professional, I look and laugh at all of the Apple sheep who think their nice-looking (but technologically inferior) products are special. They are not, not by a longshot.

    Ban Apple. If it can be done, it would be justice served for them trying to squash innovation.

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