Samsung Galaxy Note 2 teaser video & questionable findings

The Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 event kicks off August 29 in Berlin from 7PM, and we have a new video for you to watch that looks like the new secretive Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The short YouTube clip below courtesy of Samsung Mobile is very intriguing to say the least and we are very excited about this one.

There are a few things in the video teaser below that has got us thinking, the spokesperson in the clip in none other than film director Win Wenders and it seems to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 he is talking about, you get a quick glimpse of the stylus being pulled out from the device and it being used on the touchscreen.

The more interesting part for us is the wall with 2 door-like openings where one is small and the other is larger, does this suggest the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 being the new one of a larger size? Win Wenders mentions a few things such as “All the things you can do in a blink of an eye” and “It is such a small and light thing”.

We here at Phones Review will cover as much as we can of the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event, soon as the news comes in we will be notifying you all. Please do have a look at the video provided below and let us know what your thoughts are, anything you have to say we will be happy to read them.

In the meantime whilst you wait please let us recap you on previous news we reported over the weekend, the Galaxy Note 2 is most definitely one of the most sought after and talked about devices at the moment and the question everyone is asking is “Will the Note 2 come running Android Ice Cream Sandwich or Android Jelly Bean?” Personally we believe that this new product will come with the Jelly Bean flavour but we already mentioned yesterday that Gotta Be Mobile pointed out a few things, such as “those hoping for Jelly Bean rather than ICS may be disappointed, please read more about this and let us know what you think, thanks.


3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 teaser video & questionable findings”

  1. Johnny Bow says:

    Bring it on Sammy. Looking to upgrade to Note 2 from the S3 just for the even bigger screen. Really hope the screen res is high & its 2 gig RAM. Just wish they wouldnt make us wait so long.. i guess thats a tactic to do with marketing tho isnt it, we humans always want what we cant quite have yet.

  2. BillyBob says:

    I cant wait anymore I am about to order the Samsung GS3 first Aug 29 for announcement then another 2 months for release in the usa and another 3 months for release on T-mobile usa .

  3. berry1066 says:

    I too noticed the doors. There has been a great deal of speculation about whether or not Samsung would be using a flexible OLED screen. Most feel that early applications of Samsung’s flexible OLED’s will remain rigid. The doors (one half the size of the other, followed by a line about “inspiration”) got me thinking that Samsung might actually be releasing a phone with a foldable OLED screen? Perhaps just wishfull thinking…

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