Korean LG Optimus 2X 4.0 ICS update now available

There’s good news today if you’re the owner of the LG Optimus 2X Korean version SU 660, as if you’ve been waiting patiently for the Android 4.0 ICS update it is now available. Sadly this doesn’t yet mean that there’s news on the Ice Cream Sandwich update being ready for the international version of the Optimus 2X though.

V30x is the build name of the latest update for the Korean Optimus 2X and a tipster has informed GSM Arena that this is the ICS update, which makes sense as V1x was the Froyo update and V2x was the Gingerbread update. The 540MB .kdz file download can be found at the GSM Arena link above but please remember this is only for SU660 the Korean version of this Android smartphone. As far as the update for the international version is concerned then it’s still unclear when or even if, this will happen but we’ll certainly let readers know when we hear any more news on this.

Back to the ICS update for the Korean Optimus 2X and if you want some help with download instructions then check out this XDA Developer link which has pictures and step-by-step procedures available to install KDZ firmware. This should help all of you who may be concerned about just exactly how to obtain the update.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Have you got the Korean version of the LG Optimus 2X? Maybe you’ve already tried the download for ICS and could let us know how you got on? Alternatively tell us what you feel about the ICS update still not arriving for the international Optimus 2X? Send your comments to let us know.


4 thoughts on “Korean LG Optimus 2X 4.0 ICS update now available”

  1. Jazz says:

    I updated my SU660 yesterday and really really good.
    Here a list of the major changes.
    1. Screen resolution and brightness outside
    – This is one thing i must say i really like cuz
    like now the pixels are much crisp really hd looking
    and then the brightness of the phone .
    I used to put my phone on the lowest brightness to save
    juice and when outside had to put my hand over to see what i was reading
    but now no problem! And the lowest setting is really quite bright enough.

    2. Voice recording and Volume
    Clear as a bell and the volume become much more louder.
    Before on 2.3gb voice record sounded like you was in a tank
    or under water and to make things worse there was a weird buzzing noise…
    As for the volume i was disappointed with it cuz rightones even on high i could not hear in a office really… fail for me there. But now problem fixed.

    Now also when i plug in my headset it automatically
    turns the volume low so my precious ears are safe lol and they actually
    think of your health.

    In the menu too you can choose how big you want your text and it comes
    with its own power saver!

    Im very impressed and i must say when it is released globallu i would
    Also lag is less too.

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