Samsung 5 Cent Apple payout causes online stir

The ongoing legal wrangles between iPhone maker Apple and Samsung took a another twist late last month after a Californian court found in Apple’s favour, and then awarded the fruit based company $1.5 billion in damages. Since then there has been talk of a Samsung 5 Cent Apple payout that has caused an online stir.

According to an article over on tech2 there have been a number of rumours suggesting that Samsung had paid Apple $1.5billion, but did so in 5 Cent coins. This news spread quickly via the Internet and website MobileEntertainmnet, which reported that over thirty trucks visited Apple’s headquarters that were filled with the coins.

Apple security workers were in the process of working out what to do with the haul when Samsung called CEO Tim Cook to explain they would pay all of the damages, and this was the first instalment. While the story would have made many laugh it was later revealed to be false, as while the verdict had been reached, the fine awarded to Apple is not yet payable.

Samsung are also thought to be appealing the verdict which would also delay the actual process of payment indefinitely. The Guardian has also listed a number of reasons why the information was a hoax such as the fact all we have so far is the jury’s verdict, with the judge’s decision not coming until September 20th, until then Samsung only has to pay its lawyers.

Even the US Treasury has explained why Samsung couldn’t pay Apple in coins by basically saying that there is no Federal statue mandating that any private business or individual has to accept currency or coins for payment for goods or services. While the story was untrue it would have caused a lot of laughs if it actually happened.

Would you have found it funny if Samsung paid its fine in 5 Cent coins?


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