Sing Me Something app is karaoke version of Draw something

If you happen to be one of the iOS faithful that enjoys a bit of karaoke, and also enjoy playing Draw Something, you might like to know about a new iOS app that is available that has been based on Draw Something, but is for singing, and that app is called Sing Me Something, an app that is touted as the latest in karaoke entertainment.

The Sing Me Something app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad enables the user to challenge their friends music knowledge simply by choosing a song, singing it and then asking their friends to guess what you sang, and you can record yourself singing with help from a sample and lyrics.

The Sing Me Something iOS app enables the user to create a singing game with their friends or by random, allows you to send the song to your opponent, find your friends via their user name, email or Facebook, and is a turn based game, so once you have sent your song, wait for your opponent to guess, and then it’s your turn to guess what they sing, simple.

With the Sing Me Something app you can purchase bombs to eliminate invalid letters, purchase hints, or purchase golden passes that will automatically guess the answer for you, and you receive push notifications so you can get alerted to when it is your turn.

For our readers viewing consideration we have a couple of videos below so you can check out what the Sing Me Something app is all about, so head on down and hit those play buttons before heading on over to iTunes to download the Sing Me Something app for free…enjoy.

Are any of our iOS device readers playing along with the Sing Me Something app?


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