Samsung Epic 4G official CM10 Jelly Bean

We’ve been keeping readers informed about Android 4.1 Jelly Bean updates as we hear details for different devices and today it’s the turn of the Samsung Epic 4G. Although this handset has already stopped receiving updates through the usual channels, despite the fact that it’s only two years old, the official CM10 (CyanogenMod 10) ROM is now available, based on Jelly Bean, courtesy of an ingenious developer.

This will give Samsung Epic 4G users the smooth and highly-praised interface of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, with improved touch response, Google Search, notifications changes and much more, as well as CyanogenMod customization and performance. Recognized XDA developer CMTeamEpic has come up with CM10. As usual we cannot recommend that users take advantage of this new tool but we also recognize that many people enjoy tinkering with their device and want the latest taste of Jelly Bean. It’s also important to note that this is an unofficial update from Samsung although it is an official CyanogenMod ROM. However you need to be aware that if your phone becomes damaged you hold responsibility.

News of CM10 came to us from The Android Soul who report that it is in the ‘nightlies’ stage enabling users to keep on top of the latest version of the ROM.The fact that it is a custom ROM and still under development does mean that there may be a few glitches and as it’s stock Android-based, particular Samsung features won’t be available and some apps may vary from their originals. Current known issues include the headset mic not working, the possibility of the phone going into deep sleep while on the wall charger and the occasional chance of a reboot.

A guide with installation instructions is also available at The Android Soul link above but before going ahead you should read through the stages and make sure you understand everything before starting to install CM10. There are 12 step-by-step instructions that start with a warning about how the installation will wipe all apps, data and settings from your Epic 4G so you need to back up apps and important data. However SD cards will not be affected. The CM10 downloads page can be found here and please note that the first boot of the ROM may take around 5 minutes so don’t become too anxious, just give it some time.

We’d like to hear from you if you decide to use CM10 to get a flavor of Jelly Bean on your Samsung Epic 4G. Did the installation work smoothly and have you noticed any further issues? Let us know with your comments.


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  1. Steven Rosson says:

    I flashed CM10 on to the Epic 4G a couple days ago but am finding it too sluggish for daily use. Rolling back to CM9 as we speak. I really like Jelly Bean but not at the expense of being able to win at Scramble.

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