Samsung Galaxy Note 2 getting O2 and 3 UK loving

A few days ago we reported that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 would be arriving in Europe at some point before our cousins over in the USA see the successor to the Galaxy Note, which isn’t unusual because the same thing happened with the original Samsung Galaxy Note, with the US gaining the device in February of this year whilst Europe gained the device in October of 2011.

According to an article over on Toms Hardware, Sammy has stated that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will arrive in Europe, Asia and the Middle East sometime next month, and now we have a little info on which carriers will be offering the Android Jelly Bean handset in the United Kingdom.

The article states that Engadget is reporting that over here in the United Kingdom, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be offered by 3 UK and O2 UK, whilst Everything Everywhere says they have no information as to if or when they will offer the device, and when it comes to Vodafone UK, it appears the carrier might not offer the Galaxy Note 2 as they say they are ‘not involved in this.’

It seems kind of strange that Vodafone would pass over the Galaxy Note 2 in the UK, as our previous article on the European launch of the device revealed that Vodafone Germany should be offering the handset for roughly €639.90, and one would have thought that if Vodafone Germany will be selling the device then Vodafone UK would also follow suit.

However, on checking the Engadget article, they have updated their post to confirm that Vodafone have been in touch with them, and the carrier will be stocking the Galaxy Note 2 once it arrives in the United Kingdom.

Still, it’s not that long before October rolls around, and we should by then have more concrete evidence on just where and when the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be offered and how much for.

Will any of our European readers be snapping up the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as soon as it becomes available?


7 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 getting O2 and 3 UK loving”

  1. Dezza says:

    Just ordered the iPhone 5 for the wife last night on ‘3’ but defo getting this bad boy to replace my HTC HD…… End of October……noooooooooo…….

    Want it NOW!!!!!! 🙁

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