Top iPhone Apps to Use for Networking in College

Back in the years where Students had their books instead of nifty devices, nobody was even thinking about how fast the future would come, and how fast books would be changed with something else. Well, not completely but you got the point.

One of those devices is the iPhone; the much talked about gadget is getting more and more popular as time goes by. It looks like there is an app for everything and we will now check what’s hot and trendy for the students in College.

BUMP – This app is a must have if you are going to College and you like getting to know new people. You may have not heard about it yet, but it is your fault not the app, the app is just great. The thing is, the more Students have the app installed, the better the app gets. This is because the app works when you bump on someone. Actually, you take your iPhone, the other person takes her/his iPhone and you bump each other phones. You will automatically exchange the data between each other and you can carry on with your life. How this works? There is the app in your phone, there is a Cloud (something like a mother ship for this app) and the Cloud recognize when two phones (having this app) bump into each other. It is as simple as that. No need to write down the phone numbers, everything will be done in a matter of seconds. The downside is that you need Internet connection.

Evernote Hello – If you’re popular at your College you may need this app. It is hard to remember all the people you ever met and it is even harder to have all the info on them in your head. This is where Evernote Hello is saying: “Step aside, I am taking over here”. This cute networking app will totally change the way you store the data about other people and your interaction history with those people. You will have their data, images, information what you did when you met them, who were there with you etc… All this data will be stored in your Evernote account, accessible no matter where you are.

STUDYBLUE Flashcards – If the first two apps are made to help you get to know people, this app will help you to use other students’ work for yourself. With this app you will be able to improve your studies and to learn more with the help of the online community. If you missed some class or you need a flashcard you can find notes from millions of other users (classmates). Why making something that is already made? Furthermore, you can use this useful app to test yourself when there is no one around to help you with your studies. The basic account is free and you need to pay to get some advanced options.

Glympse – Now that you have loads of friends, you got to know where they are, especially the favorite ones. Maybe this sounds like stalking but with the Glympse this stalking becomes so cute that you won’t be able to drop it. Basically you have a network of friends (or relatives, family, boyfriend, girlfriend…) and you want to tell them where you are or you like to know where they are. It is very simple with Glympse. You just have to Tweet, post on Facebook or send an Email (for all these options the receiver does not need to have any software) to let them know where you are (showing your real time spot on the map) and with some message attached (message is an option).

Author Bio: Jason Phillips, a school district administrator, shared this post. He is known to be one of the best guest authors for Texas colleges. When he’s not working he enjoys the great outdoors.

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