Three UK new stores opening including revamps

In the UK there is a lot of competition with regards to mobile phone operators for consumers to choose from, and the various companies are always looking at ways to tempt users from rival carriers. Now it has been announced that Three UK has been busy with its new stores layout that have including giving some of them revamps.

The carrier took to its blog to reveal that it is looking at ways to improve the experience that it offers its customers, whether it’s on the phone or at the local brick and mortar store. It has revealed that over the last year it has been busy re-working some of its flagship stores in an effort to offer a better experience for visitors.

Three has revamped the layout of stores in Bluewater, Birmingham High Street, Fulham, Sheffield Meadowhall, and Middlesbrough, which regular visitors to the stores will have already noticed the difference. Three enlisted the help of an architectural design agency to try and provide the best in-store experience possible, with three principles of discovery, quality, and simplicity being adhered too.

The company also studied how their customers behave inside the stores along with external retail analysis, shopper journey trackers, and customer feedback was all used. Everything from the signage, lighting, ticketing, flooring and furniture has been completely redesigned. There are now special areas where customers can find out about new products with a full range of demo handsets.

There is also a support area and even a children’s play area so parents can let their kids have fun while shopping in the store, and the new revamped stores have been open for a while now and early reaction from customers have been positive. Many customers have commented on how the products on display actually work, which makes a change from picking up a dummy handset.

Others have commented on how spacious the new look stores feel with a nice airy and spacious feel to them. The company will obviously casting an eye over to what Apple offers its customers in its many retail outlets that have long been famed for their quality feel to them.

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