Android 4.2 Jelly Bean release to bring new features

Many owners of Android hardware are currently waiting to see their devices upgraded to newer versions of the operating system, but as many smartphones are just starting to receive the Android 4.1.2 build, Google has just announced another flavour of Android in the form of Jelly Bean 4.2 with the release bringing new features.

It is being reported on Talk Android that the latest version of the operating system will provide users with some typing enhancements, a new camera application, and some other upgrades to Jelly Bean. The biggest changes are to the camera app with the new capability for users to create a ‘photo sphere’, which is promised to take panoramic photos to another level.

Users will now be able to take images in any and every direction before putting them together to make one impressive photo, which should create an image similar to a planetarium. The company has also revealed its new ‘Gesture Typing’ that allows users to glide their finger over the keyboard to type a word, and only removes it to get the end of the word.

It seems the company has also added predictive features to help users to finish messages even quicker, and Google has also made improvements to the dictionaries and text to speech features, which includes the capability to voice type without the need of a data connection.

There is now also multi user support that means users can each have their own homescreen, games, apps, widgets, and backgrounds with users being able to switch quickly without the need of logging on and off, but unfortunately this is only currently available for tablets.

Google has included the ability to wirelessly stream the devices display to a HDTV via a HDMI wireless display adapter, and another new feature being called ‘Daydream’ will show images, news feeds, and other content when the device is idle or docked.

Google Now has been improved with users being able to track packages, view nearby photo spots, or check out movie information, and the company has made improvements to the user interface that will make better use of the processor, which will allow a faster smoother experience.

Beam now offers support for the sharing of videos, contacts, web pages, images, and much more using NFC capabilities, while the update will also allow for automatically moving content on the homescreen to provide room for app icons or widgets. Hopefully it won’t be too long before the new build begins landing on hardware, and to see more head over to the official Android page.

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