iPhone 5 iBike Dash CC 5 computer for cycling

Various companies are bringing out numerous products that can make use of the smartphones we now use, and some of these offer users solutions for many different activates they may take part in during their lives. The product we have for you today would be ideal for many cycle enthusiasts as is called the iPhone 5 iBike Dash CC 5, and turns your handset into a computer for cycling.

The iBike Dash CC5 when used with the iBike Phone Booth 5 case and mount allows keen cyclists to get precision measurements of speed, distance, cadence, and cycling time when used with the iBike Coach 2.0 iOS application.

They have been designed specially to fit the iPhone 5 and are durable while being practical in use, and are manufactured in the US. The iBike Phone Booth 5 will be available this month while the iBike Dash CC 5 Cycling Computer will become available sometime next month with pre-orders for both devices already underway.

The computer includes a sleek and ultra protective case that makes use of all the improvements made to the iBike Phone Booth 5, and offers extreme weather and water protection. The device uses advanced Bluetooth technology that communicates with the iBike Coach 2.0 application while offering longer battery life of at least a year.

Users can also make use of any cycling application that can communicate with Bluetooth 4 sensors, and a dual purpose mount can be used for the stem or handle bar of your cycle. For more information and to pre-order head over to the iBike Dash CC 5 bike computer iPhone 5 product page.

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