Facebook share button coming to Android, iOS apps: UPDATE

We are not the only ones out there moaning about not having a share button on Facebook Mobile and apps for Android and iOS, this has been a long time coming and we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Millions of users are using applications on their smartphones and two things being asked for the most are share and dislike buttons, looks like the wait could nearly be over.

At last the social network giants have come forward and decided to act on this, thanks to Inside Facebook they have shared to the masses that there are tests where users can now share content via their mobile phones. Do not get too excited just yet because this is only working on the mobile site and not apps, but a spokesperson from Facebook said that a share button will appear in Android and iOS apps very soon.

For some reason and is unknown to us Facebook had it that the share button was not a major priority, personally they should have listened to all the people registered with them, as they are the ones that count. A share button on the mobile site is a step in the right direction in a release for mobile apps, if you visit m.facebook.com you should see the share button next to comment and like.

When users hit the share button under a post you will be able to share something from the mobile site as well as add a comment, it basically works in the same way as the Facebook desktop version.

Please do let us know what you think of the above, are you looking forward to a share button on your Android or iOS app?

UPDATE: Go update you Facebbok App now, you can now see the share button, enjoy..


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