Google Maps for iOS, hopefully Apple approve

It’s no secret that since Apple’s iOS 6 launched with the new Apple Maps app instead of the usual Google Maps, it has faced widespread criticism. Many using the newest iPhone, the iPhone 5, were unhappy with the move away from the tried-and-tested Google Maps as well as iOS device owners who updated to iOS 6. For some time there has been talk of a Google Maps for iOS release and plenty of consumers are waiting for more on this. It does appear to be closer to arrival and now we can only hope that Apple will approve the app.

Although many of us were eagerly waiting to see what the Apple Maps app would offer it soon became clear that it was beset by problems such as 3D mapping bugs, over-simplified terrains and the wrong directions being given. These have been widely reported and we had plenty of comments from readers saying that they wished Apple had stuck with Google Maps. Back in September following the iOS 6 release there were rumblings that Google was working on an iOS platform Maps app and then earlier this month we heard that the iOS app was almost ready for approval and could be available before the years’s end. However there were real concerns that Google would have a struggle to get Apple to approve the app.

Further news on Google Maps for iOS now comes to us from the Wall Street Journal, which reports that the app is now almost finished and that Google is distributing a test version. A person said to have “direct knowledge with the matter” claims that the finishing touches are taking place and that it will then be submitted to Apple for approval. However, there is no further information on exactly when this might happen. The previous version of Google Maps for iOS lacked turn-by-turn navigation and this is now thought to be present on the new iOS app, as well as the much-used Street View.

There still seem to be concerns though that Apple will block the app from the App Store for obvious reasons. Meanwhile Apple is still working on its own Maps app in a bid to make improvements but it may be too little too late as some of the early problems with Apple Maps put users off entirely. We’d be interested to hear from readers about this.

How have you got on with Apple Maps? Are you waiting for Google Maps to be approved on iOS and if so how hopeful are you that Apple will allow it into the App Store? Send your comments to let us know.


6 thoughts on “Google Maps for iOS, hopefully Apple approve”

  1. Hgarya says:

    I have not/will not upgrade to 6.0 until Google maps are included. Everyone brings something to the table. Apple is good with iPads, iPods, iPhones…etc. Google is good with maps.

  2. Rick says:

    I updated my iPhone 4s to 6.0 at the time it was released, gained Apple Maps and never lost Google Maps; it remains fully functioning, only with a new icon. I have not yet updated to 6.1, not quite willing to take the chance of losing Google Maps!

  3. M says:

    Apple maps are a nightmare! When I updated to 6.1 they basically stopped working. Bring back Google maps and street view I want them on my iPad proven maps !! That do what they are good at, Apple have really screwed up on delivering maps!!!

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