Nexus 4 & Droid DNA supported by AnTuTu Benchmark 3 app update

We often bring news on the latest and updated apps as well as smartphones and tablets and those of you who are interested in benchmark testing for devices will have heard of AnTuTu, one of the most well known Android tools. The news today is that the popular app has just been updated to AnTuTu Benchmark 3 with plenty of improvements and new features. This update also enhances support for some of the latest top-end devices such as the Nexus 4 and the HTC Droid DNA.

AnTuTu Benchmark version 3.0.1 is a free app suitable for devices running Android 2.1 or later and it can run a full test using Memory Performance, CPU Integer Performance, CPU Floating point Performance, 2D 3D Graphics Performance, SD card reading/writing speed and Database I/O. This gives individual and overall performance scores of a device so that users can easily compare the performance results for different hardware in world rankings.

The latest AnTuTu version, available from Google Play here, adds further support for the most recent high-end devices. For instance two smartphones that use the Qualcomm quad-core Snapdragon Pro chip are the Nexus 4 and Droid DNA. Android Central used AnTuTu Benchmark 3 and found that the Nexus 4 average score was about 17,500 now whereas when using AnTuTu 2.9.4 the average score was around 10,000. Now that’s some difference! Results for the Droid DNA benchmark were even more impressive with an average score slightly above 19,000. With results like these we would not be surprised to see the demand for these two phones even higher than it is already!

Just some of the additions and features for the latest AnTuTu update include a dedicated 2D benchmark and new OpenGL ES 2.0 3D benchmark for 3D game testing, redesigned and adjustment app UI and enhanced SDCard detection. A web page auto pop up bug has also been fixed along with a fix for the splash screen occasionally getting stuck and much more. Another addition is a compare page to compare scores for popular devices, an auto stop for the benchmark if it’s found that the app has been modified and updated translation for Italian and Ukrainian.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on the AnTuTu update to version 3.0.1? If you’ve already downloaded this Android app upgrade from Google Play are you pleased with what you’ve seen so far? Let us know what you think of it by sending us your comments


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