Samsung Galaxy Note 2, BMW stunning artwork campaign

Samsung has grown into a major force in the smartphone world in the last few years with millions of consumers snapping up their flagship handsets. While the company is enjoying an increasing success other major manufacturers will look to manipulate the brand to further their own cause as well. Now German car manufacturer BMW is using the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in a stunning artwork campaign.

Two companies that seemingly have nothing in common with each other have come together in a new marketing campaign. BMW has joined forces with the Korean electronics giant in the electronics company’s home country with some artful BMW Series 1 cars, and the creations have been revealed via a flicker account.

The two companies will be showcasing a BMW 1 series that has been painted with some artful graffiti that has been done by Shin Dong-jin, who is a famous designer and artist. The artwork that can be seen on the cars has also been put on to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which was created to showcase the much loved Samsung S-Pen and its advanced stylus functions.

These colourful creations are currently on show at the Coex Central Plaza in Seoul, South Korea, all the way through to December 12th, so if you are planning a visit to the area it may well be worth a look.

This is just another example of the growing popularity of the Galaxy Note 2 that has sold in vast numbers in only a short time of being available to consumers, and so far those that are lucky enough to actually own one have continually been singing its praises.

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2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 2, BMW stunning artwork campaign”

  1. I absolutley love my Galaxy Note 2 & after a month of having it Im still amazed at how perfect a device it is. Its without a doubt the best mobile device available right now hands down.- KID ANDROID (Team.Android.Canada)

  2. Geri says:

    Yes and love it love it. If only it didn’t hold up so well to my careless abuse and still look good as new, I’d be the proud owner of a Note 2 by now… oh well. Guess I’ll have to give this one to my son!

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