iPhone 5 WTF Jeans V2, fashion gone mad

Well, we all know that the iPhone faithful really love the iPhone 5, but just how far will an iPhone 5 user go to show their love of the Apple handset? Would they for example dash out and purchase a pair of pants that feature a special pocket that has been specially designed to carry the iPhone 5, or is that simply taking your love of the iPhone a tad too far?

Well for those iPhone 5 fashion conscious out there that simply must have a pair of jeans that feature a pocket designed to house their iOS smartphone, you can always pick up a pair of WTF V2 jeans, which feature a special smartphone pocket that is compatible with your iPhone 5.

The smartphone pocket on the WFT V2 jeans is lined with a micro fibre to protect your iPhone 5, which apparently also reduces bacteria by 99 percent, along with giving the device a bit of a clean when putting it in and taking it out.

The WTFpocket measures 4.87 x 2.31 x 0.30-inches, whilst the jeans are made of 10.5 oz indigo denim, and have been Enzyme washed to deliver extra softness, and each pair of jeans also spots a hidden USB stick pocket as well.

The WTF V2 jeans with that smartphone pocket are made in Italy, and apparently the V2 iPhone 5 jeans are a limited edition, so we are not too sure just how long they will be around to purchase, as the company hasn’t said how many will be produced. So if you simply must own a pair of iPhone 5 toting jeans you might like to act reasonably quickly to ensure you get a pair.

So, how much will these pants with that iPhone 5 pocket set you back? Well they command a price tag of $159 from the WFT Jeans website, and come in a range of sizes from w30 — I32 up to w38 — I34, and you’ll be pleased to know that the jeans come with free worldwide shipping.

So there you have it, will any of our iPhone 5 owning readers be purchasing a pair of these jeans in the near future so you can safely carry around your precious iPhone 5?

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