ConnectorR for smartphones uses unorthodox mounting

The humble smartphone has become an integral part of peoples lives, almost everyone carries their smartphone around with them no matter where they go either in their pocket or if you are female in your handbag. But what if there was another way to carry your handset with you without having it bulging in your pocket or taking up handbag space?

This is where the ConnectorR for smartphones comes into play, a device that allows the user to wear their smartphone rather than carrying it. The ConnectorR delivers more mobility to your mobile device by using a rather unorthodox mounting.

Using the ConnectorR will enable the user to wear their handset on their wrist like a watch, or mount their device on their arm or even mount your device to your car dashboard, and you can even rotate the handset for better interaction.

The ConnectorR mount is made of metal, and offers an abundance of mounting options, whilst magnetic and mechanical locks lock the device into place quickly and securely whilst offering quick release. The accessory is also lightweight and strong, and is compatible with any device such as a smartphone, tablet or GPS device of reasonable size and weight of course, that has a rear 2×2-inch flat mounting space.

The mount enables the user to keep their mobile device handy no matter where they are, and without having to take up pocket space and the like. Unfortunately though you cannot actually purchase the ConnectorR at this moment in time.

The ConnectorR is actually a project looking for a funding goal of $45,000 to get off the ground, and has thus far managed to garner $160 in pledges with 34-days to run. We have embedded a video for your viewing consideration below showing the many uses the ConnetorR has to offer, so don’t forget to check out that footage.

And if you feel that the ConnecorR is something that you could make use of, then you can help make the device become a reality by making a pledge to the project by visiting Indiegogo.

Does the ConnectorR look like a mount any of our readers would be interested in owning?

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