AliveCor iPhone ECG case with EKG readings

For those of you that like to use a case on your smartphone the team on Phones Review provide you with a number of different case ideas and hands on reviews, but the case we have for you today offers something completely different from your standard smartphone case or bumper, as the AliveCor iPhone ECG case will provide owners their own EKG readings.

Various smartphone applications can already allow users to monitor their blood pressure and glucose levels, but the AliveCor ECG case will allow you to monitor your heart rate and in turn check for abnormal heart rhythms.

Many of you would have seen those EKG machines on TV or in hospital that monitor the activity of a patient’s heart, but now with this upcoming case people will be able to keep a check on their heart rate away from hospitals or doctors surgeries.

The AliveCor iPhone ECG case offers users real time EKG readings and the device is currently undergoing clinical trials, but has recently received FDA 510(k) Class II Medical Device clearance. The case is powered by 3.0V coin type battery that is capable of providing up to 12,000 30 second ECG readings, and the case is already available for pre-order via the above link and priced at $199 for shipping next month.

According to the company they are continuing to work on expanding the cases and hope to have a consumer version available eventually that can be prescribed, and then sold at a cheaper price level of around $99.

In use the case is placed on a user’s chest or in their hands for thirty second intervals, and then all the information is sent off into the cloud where a doctor can look for any abnormalities. The case will be ideal for those that have to keep a regular check on their heart rate without the need of constantly visiting a medical centre.

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