SwiftKey Flow beta Android apk downloads available

If you are one of the Android faithful that likes to try out new keyboards, you might like to know that the Swiftkey Flow beta for Android apk has now been released. For those that may not be aware, Swiftkey Flow combines a prediction engine with the style and speed of the user gliding their finger across the display of their device.

The SwiftKey Flow beta also sports a brand new feature known as ‘Flow Through Space’, and using this new feature the user can write complete sentences without removing their finger from the keyboard, and you just glide down to the space bar to start a new word. You can see this new feature in action in the embedded video below.

SwiftKey Flow beta for Android takes a new approach to gesture typing by analysing input from the moment a user starts to type, and provides real time predictions along with an interactive dynamic typing experience that eases the frustration of typing long words.

Apparently the SwiftKey Flow beta app also comes with award winning next word predictions when a gesture is finished based in the keyboard’s knowledge of the users writing habits.

The SwiftKey Flow beta app is quite versatile and predicts a word that the user may want right from the moment they start gliding their finger over the screen, and all you do is when the predicted word pops up you let go, whilst the keyboard also integrates with Swiftkey’s classic tap engine, which adjusts the touch sensitive areas to the users tapping style to gain better accuracy.

Swiftkey want as many people as possible to try out Swiftkey Flow, so for those Android faithful that would like to give the new keyboard a whirl and possibly supply some feedback. You can download the Android apk by visiting the Swiftkey Blog website.

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