iPad Mini 4G LTE low upfront price with EE UK

It’s no secret that consumers in the UK have been left waiting to get access to a 4G LTE network, which was finally provided by Everything Everywhere now known as EE. The company since its launch has made a big thing about being able to provide a network that is compatible with the recent mobile devices from Apple, and now EE it is providing consumers with the iPad Mini 4G LTE for a low upfront price in the UK.

The iPad mini was released in the country early last month but now the device that can take advantage of EE’s 4G LTE network is available to consumers in the country via some pay monthly plans.

Those that want to purchase the 16GB Wi-Fi and 4G iPad mini SIM free from Apple will have to splash out £369 of their hard earned cash, but the carrier will sell you the same device for only £49.99 up front, but this is on the condition of a new two year contract costing £35.99 each month.

This will set you back a mighty £913.75 by the time the contract ends though, but you do get access to the new 4G network and 8GB of data each month. If that monthly payment is too much for you an upfront fee of £149.99 and a monthly payment of £25.99 will get you 3GB of data each month, and will have cost you £773.75 by the end of your two year contract.

If you would like more storage in your iPad mini EE will sell you the 32GB version for £99.99 or the 64GB model for £149.99 on the 8GB data plan that costs £35.99 each month. The iPad mini is also available to customers of T-Mobile and Orange using the carriers 3G network on price plans starting at £21 per month.

The fledgling 4G LTE network from EE is currently only available in selected areas across the country and early tests have found the service to sometimes be patchy, but things are expected to improve as the months go on.

Will you be getting an iPad mini from EE?

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