Pre-order New iPhone 5 lens for 360-degree panoramic videos

Many smartphone owners now use their handset as their main device when taking photos or capturing video, as in recent years the cameras that come on these devices have advanced at such a rate sales of compact digital cameras have plummeted. While the technology has improved with smartphone cameras there are more accessories for them becoming available, and today we can tell you that a new iPhone 5 lens for 360 degree panoramic videos is available for pre-order.

The GoPano micro accessory was originally designed for the iPhone 4 but will soon also be available for the iPhone 5, and it allows owners to make 360º panoramic videos just by simply snapping it onto the handset.

Once in place the GoPano micro will record everything around the user simultaneously, and you can easily go back to the recorded video and view any perspective or angle at any point during the video. The application that goes with the GoPano micro allows users to upload and share their 360º videos with their friends and family, and videos that have been uploaded by others can be viewed via the app or the website.

The accessory records everything simultaneously and not just what can be seen on the handsets screen, and users can then pan and zoom in and out anywhere in the recorded video. The GoPano micro works by using a specially curved mirror that captures light from all directions, which is then added to the handsets camera before the app turns the images into a live interactive screen.

This great looking iPhone accessory is available for €69 and this price includes shipping as well as a GoPano case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, and shipping is expected to start on December 25th, and to find out more or to pre-order yourself click here.

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