iPhone 5 Yellow Jacket Stun-Gun vs Knuckle Case

The iPhone 5 is a very desirable smartphone, and one that thugs and thieves wouldn’t mind taking from you given the opportunity. However when it comes to the iPhone 5 there are a couple of cases that can help when dealing with a potentially violent situation so that you have a little defence against a thug who attacks you for whatever reason.

One such case is the Knuckle case for the iPhone 5, which is based on a knuckleduster and has been machined from a solid block of aluminum, and is sold as a means of securing your iPhone 5 to your hand.

However, as the Knuckle Case has that metal knuckleduster design it could potentially be used to give an attacker quite a nasty smack, although the website does state that the product is only for use as a handle and protecting your iPhone, and any other use of the case is considered misuse and will result in loss of warranty, and a disclaimer that if a user does misuse the case they agree to hold the firm harmless of any misuse that results in damage.

The Knuckle Case for the iPhone 5 is available from the Knucklecase website at a cost of $120 a pop, but due to high demand for the case you’ll need to allow a week to ship.

Then there is the Yellow Jacket Stun-Gun case, which is available for pre-order for the iPhone 4, and is a case that can deliver a 650k volt of electricity to an attacker in a potentially threatening situation allowing the user to escape.

The Yellow Jacket Stun-Gun case for the iPhone has three settings, loud, menacing and painful, whilst featuring a safety switch and safety cover for the electrodes to prevent accidental discharge and also features its own external battery that is capable of powering the handset for up to an additional 20-hours.

We have embedded a promo video of the Yellow Jacket Stun-Gun case for your viewing consideration below, and this case will also become available for the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the first quarter of 2013, and you can pre-order the case from the Yellowjacketcase website.

Both of these iPhone 5 cases have the ability to possibly inflict harm on others, and would no doubt never be able to make it through any airport security. Whilst over in the US carrying weapons of any description seems to be quite acceptable, here in the UK I would expect that these cases would be classed as potentially illegal harmful weapons.

Still, there are those that would like to ensure they have the ability to protect themselves in any situation, so which of these two cases would our readers prefer to own?

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