Fuhu Nabi XD kids Android 10.1-inch tablet

No doubt there are a great deal of parents who let their kids use their tablet to keep their young ones entertained so they can get on with their daily routine, or even get in a few minutes quite relaxation. However, naturally there will be times when you need to use your slate and thus quite often get pestered by your child so they can use it. As Christmas is fast approaching, perhaps it is time to consider getting your young one a tablet of their very own.

You could of course go to the expense of purchasing an iPad or iPad mini for your child, or you could buy them the Fuhu Nabi XD tablet, which is a slate especially designed for children, and enables you to use your own tablet more often without having to hand it over to your child to keep them amused.

Have to say though, the Fuhu Nabi XD is targeted toward the slightly older kids, rather than the very young, and does look like a fairly impressive Android tablet that would probably keep your older kids entertained for hours.

The Funi Nabi XD is a 10.1-inch slate that features a 1366 x 768 IPS touch screen along with rear facing and front facing camera, Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality, WiFi, a NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core processor, 16GB or 32GB internal storage, an aluminum casing and runs the Android Jelly Bean operating system.

There is also an optional keyboard cover that will be available separately, and the pad-folio keyboard sports a silicone keyboard cover to protect against spillages, dust and the like, and will cost somewhere between $20 and $90, whilst other accessories will also be available.

The Fuhu Nabi XD is an ultra-portable slate that comes with productivity applications, modified parental controls for browsing, console gaming quality, and a dynamic intelligent gadget based interface, which apparently adapts on location and time of day, and is also said to sport a battery that can last up to 10-hours between charges.

If you would like to purchase the Fuhu Nabi XD tablet for your kid, the Android slate will become available sometime later this month, whilst the Fuhu Nabi XD will become available nationwide in January. As for how much the Fuhu Nabi XD will set you back, the 16GB model commands a price tag of $249, whilst the 32GB version of the slate sports a price tag of $349 from the Nabi website.

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