iPhone 5, 4S & iPad Walmart price deals, big discounts

Many of us are well into the swing of holiday shopping right now and for those of you considering purchasing the Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 4S or iPad then there’s some great news. Walmart now has some amazing deals on offer with big discounts on some Apple products and from tomorrow (Monday) customers buying an iPad will also receive a $30 iTunes gift card.

Now that supplies of the iPhone 5 have caught up with demand just in time for Christmas there may have been many of you who put off buying one until now and if that’s you then you’ll really benefit. If you head to Walmart to purchase the iPhone 5, the 16GB model is currently down to only $127 from the previous price of $189 on a two-year contract or eligible upgrade. Apple has the 16GB iPhone 5 for sale at $199 on a two-year contract so this is a real bargain and one unlikely to be bettered.

If you want to consider the iPhone 4S instead then there’s another amazing discount as Walmart is now offering the iPhone 4S for $47 on a two-year contract, down from $87.97. The 16GB iPhone 4S is currently on sale through Apple at $99 on the usual two-year contract so again this is a no-brainer and a great saving for the holidays although it appears as though these special prices are in-store offers only.

Meanwhile if the iPad tablet is what you were after then Walmart also has the 16GB iPad 3 (third-generation) Wi-Fi tablet for sale at $399. Although this is not the latest iPad 4 there will be plenty tempted by that price, especially considering the iTunes gift card offer from tomorrow that we mentioned earlier. You may have seen some reports saying that this $399 sale price was for the iPad 4 but this was an error and Walmart later contacted MacRumors to say that in fact they meant the third-generation iPad. Walmart also issued a statement saying that that inventory at these prices is on a first come first serve basis and advise taking early advantage.

On another note MacRumors also tells how RadioShack also has some decent discounting on Apple products going on. The iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 are now $50 less than their usual pricing and for every $50 spent with them over the holidays they will offer $10 email credit coupons for use on future purchases. One thing for sure is that if you’re after any of the above Apple products we’d be surprised if prices dropped any lower than this so you may want to purchase the device of your choice as soon as possible as we have no details on how long these offers will last.

Are you thinking of heading to Walmart for one of these big discount offers? Maybe you’ve seen even better sale prices on the iPhone and iPad elsewhere? Let us know with your comments.

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