BlackBerry 10 initiates 70,000 apps available at launch

Old BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is really trying to get interest in their saviour BlackBerry 10 devices going, and so they should considering just how badly the Canadian company has been doing in the past, so they definitely need BlackBerry 10 devices to be one big success so they can pull their way back to their former glory in the mobile space.

To this end, the CMO of Research In Motion, Frank Boulben gave an interview with Forbes, explaining his strategy heading towards the launch of BlackBerry 10 on the 30th of next month and wants the first people to be involved to be influencers and encourages them to chat about BB10 along with sharing their experiences with others.

The interview with Boulben has been made into two videos, which we have embedded for your viewing consideration below, and the CMO hopes that those influencers sharing and chatting about BlackBerry 10 will build a buzz around it and push customers towards the devices once they become available.

Boulben also states that the public needs to be educated on just what the device is capable of, and claims BlackBerry 10 devices will feature a best in class browser. We have already seen browser test videos between BlackBerry 10 and the iPhone 5, and the HTC 8X, and it does seem the BlackBerry 10 browser does beat iOS and Windows Phone 8.

Boulben also says they need to be absolutely clear on which customers they are going to serve and why RIM is going to serve those customers better than the competition, and these customers he calls the BlackBerry people.

Research In Motion has already shown off such mobile apps as Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn and Twitter; however according to Boulben, at the time of launch of BlackBerry 10 there will be 70,000 applications available, presumably so those BlackBerry people wont have to wait ages to download apps to their BB10 smartphone.

Still as the launch of BlackBerry 10 to the mobile space isn’t too far off now, we should find out after that launch if RIM has got it right with BB10 and if they can grab back those lost customers and market share, but have RIM left things too long to regain their former standing, only time will tell.

Anyway head on down and hit those play buttons to check out what the RIM CEO has to say about BlackBerry 10 and their strategy heading to that launch.

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