Nokia Nexus G Android 4.3 JB smartphone specs

There may be a few readers out there who have looked at the title of this article and queried the idea of a Nokia Nexus device. We do have details however of a smartphone called the Nokia Nexus G and not only do we have some amazing specs to tell you about but we also have a video showing off this impressive device. If we mention a 21-megapixel camera and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean we think you’ll be drooling and read on.

Okay, it’s at this point that we have to tell you that this is a concept smartphone devised by Bob Freking but every now and then we really enjoy bringing readers these renderings and ideas of just how good some devices could soon be. Although it hardly seems likely that Nokia will move its focus from Windows Phone devices such as the Lumia 920 just yet, this does give us a fascinating look at the potential there could be for a pure Vanilla Android Nokia Nexus phone and we think by the time we’ve finished many readers will be hoping that this was a real phone coming to existence.

Specs that Freking has come up with include 4.3 Jelly Bean, a 1.7GHz quad-core processor and a 4.8-inch IPS LCD PureMotion HD+ display with of course 1080p resolution. The camera set-up is notable as the Nokia Nexus G would include a 21-megapixel rear camera with PureView and other features such as Carl Zeiss technology, LED and Xenon flash, low light photography, image oversampling, image stabilization and lossless zoom.

Other specs include a massive 4GB of RAM, a possible 128GB of internal storage and Nokia Rich Recording. The Nokia Nexus G has a unibody casing in polycarbonate for real durability and comes in black and white color options along with 4 Nexus colors, yellow, green, red and and blue. The YouTube video by Bob Freking is just over one-minute long and you can see it below this story to get a better look at this concept smartphone.

We think this is one of the more interesting concept phones we’ve seen for a while but we would like your opinions. Do you like the look of the Nokia Nexus G or maybe it doesn’t appeal to you at all? Maybe you think Nokia should give up on Windows Phone handsets and concentrate on something more like this concept? Let us have your comments about this.


14 thoughts on “Nokia Nexus G Android 4.3 JB smartphone specs”

  1. I as a Windows Phone enthousiast dont want that. Want to become WP8 to be big. So lots of consumers will buy these Phones. The snowball is rolling, not hard, but its on track 🙂 Never mind reviews or so called experts, they have crapdroid or sheep phones in their pockets and are not able to analyse (think) anymore. You can see that of the expert points they give (the Verge) 7.9 versus 9.4 from users for a Lumia 920. Never did a Video recording or know anything about really good UI design.

  2. Edi_opteron says:

    This won’t happen for sure, Elop is dramatically dreaming in his so called third eco-system! Nokia will stick with windows to show it’s pure slavery to MS.

    You know… dreaming Is not forbidden, but if miracle happens and die-hard shareholders fire this mad man out of Nokia and put anssel vanjoki ( just rumor), I really really wish to continue with MeeGo and meltemi, My nokia with it’s humble out-dated 1Ghz CPU and 1Gb RAM out perform almost any thing! O boy , just imagine Nokia put such this specs in a body similar to N9 , the result is clear, it will be the best handset in all human history and places MeeGo as the First eco-system especially if MeeGo powered tablets hit the markets… and that beats android. just a wish.

    Wake up Nokia! you lost the 1st position after 14 years as well as selling HQ for earning cash.. all because of WP strategy.. wake up!

    1. rene says:

      they need to fired this guy Elop, to break free, first.(Elop is a sell out in favor of ms) and and got nokia in more deep than she was already in, the need a CE that are not tie down in anyway to other company (like Elop, who was coming from Microsoft background) , and have a open mind, that can put Nokia back again in the map, before Nokia when down the drain with microsoft, they were delay too much in the promised product, that too help them in his way down, they sure need to have someone energetic that can rushed excellent product like this one prototype into the market and into the number one spot in the share market, and now is the right time to do it, since their stock in the trade market is growing again,

  3. Jason says:

    I have a Nokia C7. I consistently get comments and favourable remarks about good it looks in terms of style and body structure. Lots of stainless steel and feels solid, weighty and like a quality product in your hands. It had a better camera at the time than an iphone and the screen is still sharper and cleaner than an iphone. I think Nokia (and Blackberry and others make great hardwear. The actual phone is a quality device) But I’d love to see an Android operating system with Nokia. Not everyone (like myself) like Apple products. I don’t like Steve Jobs or his paradigms. And I think Apple is cult like and juvenille in it’s consumer culture. So I will always try to find an alternative to Apple if I can. Apple is not a brand I indentify with.

  4. we should all give wp8 a chance cuz i know in 2013 lumia brand will be a sold out story..nokia went for the better os in terms of their sales staying in the USA..they don’t like competition with their brand..

  5. Nokia fan says:

    Looking at all the ratings and poles on various mobile phone-oriented web sites I think NOKIA is about to make a winning decision these days by joining the Android family with a monster device with frightening specs (remember the flagship N 95s etc). Windows is not the right choice so far.

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