iSpy Tank RC iOS Toy with integrated wireless camera

Obviously we enjoy bringing our readers information on new smartphones and tablets but we also like to detail some of the great accessories and gadgets available for them. Today we want to tell you about the iSpy Tank RC iOS toy with integrated wireless camera. This is a great idea and can be used with the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and we can imagine how many hours could be whiled away using the iSpy Tank with its integrated wireless camera.

The idea is that your iDevice can be used to control the iSpy Tank using a WiFi connection and there’s also a really neat extra touch as the user can see what the Tank is seeing with the use of a real-time video feed from it. The app that controls the Tank can move it backwards, forwards, left and right and also controls the camera angle so that you can see up and down. The iSpy Tank camera can be use to record videos as well as taking photos and offers a really innovative gaming experience.

Imagine using the iSpy Tank to take a sneaky look at what’s going on around your home or workplace. Check out the video that we’ve embedded below this story that gives you an idea of the iSpy Tank in action. The iSpy Tank 777-287 has a control range of 20 to 30 meters and is easy to operate. You simply download and install the iSpy Tank app from the App Store, add batteries (6AA) to the tank, connect to the WiFi network of the Tank, start up the app and off you go! Great fun using your iPhone or other iOS device.

Dimensions of the Tank are 24cm x 19cm x 12cm and you can see more about the iSpy Tank or order it at this iHelicopters product page currently priced at $99 (down from $119). Remember to check out the video below to get some ideas of how you would use it and we reckon it would also make a great gift.

Let us know what you think of the iSpy Tank for iOS devices. Is this something you’d be tempted to purchase for yourself? Maybe you’ll order one and put it away for a great Father’s Day gift later this year? Send your comments on this.

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