Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250 JB 4.2.1 Vanilla RootBox ROM

Those of you that own the Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250 enjoying the benefits of Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean operating system but wishes they had a little more, will be in high spirits indeed as you read on. You can now add additional customization thanks to the new JB 4.2.1 Vanilla RootBox ROM today.

The Vanilla RootBox is in simple terms a very cool custom ROM that is very easy to install that does not need all the bells and whistles such as heavy installation without extra apps etc.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners can still enjoy their Android Jelly Bean experience combined with CM cherry-picks as well as AOKP/CM features; this ROM is based on the Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean firmware but with extras. You all know how good Jelly Bean is at the moment but there is still plenty of room for more features within this new ROM install.

Vanilla RootBox Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean ROM will give you more goodies such as AOKP features and CM Profiles, other titbits include Per App DPI, Per App Tablet UI, Navigation Bar Color, Per App Language as well as a new Lockscreen vibration option.

Key Features Include: Noise Suppression, Message rate alerts basically meaning the ability to modify a SMS message limit for alert, Fully Customizable MMS Theme, Soft Keyboard Type features such as Enter to Send / Emoji / Enter for a New Line, Option to control cursor in text fields using volume keys, Variable size pattern lockscreen and Home button call answer with accessibility option. The Rootbox settings include Paranoid Lockscreen Shortcuts, Expanded Desktop, Chronus LockClock and Unlock options within the Screen Security Features.

Please remember that this Vanilla RootBox is still a working progress and could contain bugs and problems, as always Phones Review are not held responsible if anything goes wrong, always backup before installing anything. Please let us know how you get on if you decide to install the Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250 JB 4.2.1 Vanilla RootBox ROM, for more information how to install please visit Android Jinn.

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