iPad Archos Design Bluetooth keyboard with kickstand


The Apple iPad is a lovely tablet and works well for all activities; great for searching the Internet, gaming and many other things are superb with the offerings of so many apps in the App Store to fit all lifestyles. The onboard touchscreen keyboard is brilliant as well but can never be good as a physical keyboard, we have the Apple iPad keyboard dock as well as Bluetooth ones that work very well indeed, and now we would like to bring your attention to the new Archos Design Bluetooth Keyboard for the iPad.

Archos is now selling the new Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad that is only 0.2-inch thin that fits from the iPad 2 to the latest model not long released, this new product is based on the highly popular Archos Gen10 tablet coverboard and is the thinnest on the market.

The new Archos Design Bluetooth magnetic Keyboard for iPad comes fitted with a kickstand and as said at 0.2-inches aka 5mm it is very thin indeed and looks stylish to say the least, the kickstand itself is highly adjustable to fit your viewing pleasure and will have a low price tag of £49 MSRP that will be available in March this year.

iPad Archos Design Bluetooth keyboard with kickstand pic 1

This keyboard is as thin as the smart cover for the iPad, and we love the fact it comes with a magnetic bonding to house the iPad securely. Other features include the automatic screen switch on/off Function, which basically means the iPad will turn on and off when you attach or remove the iPad from the keyboard, the keyboard also has a aluminum back casing that fits nicely with the iPad styling.

For more information and photos please visit Archos.

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