iPhone 5 shattered screen repair now available in Apple Stores


There will be many of us that have had the misfortune of smashing the display on our smartphones, which will either lead to a costly repair or a claim on some insurance, but now Apple is offering repairs for shattered screens on the iPhone 5 in its US retail stores.

Around the world there will be many third party repair companies that can provide a great service in repairing cracked screens on smartphones, but there will always be some owners that will prefer to go to the handsets manufacturer if possible.

Now Apple has started to offer a service in its brick and mortar stores in the US and will replace a broken iPhone 5 screen for $149, and is available with or without AppleCare+. This new offering from the company falls in line with the AppleCare+ pricing that costs $99 as a down payment before each new screen costing an extra $49.

Previously a replacement screen for the iPhone was costing owners $229 and it is expected that Apple will increase the amount of repair services it offers at its stores from next month, with repairs for the handsets camera, buttons, and logic boards.

There is also talk that Apple will start providing a subscription based repair plan that will focus on users instead of the actual hardware, and you would have thought that eventually the service will be rolled out to other regions around the world.

Source: MacRumors.

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