Verizon HTC One prices are not enticing


The Verizon HTC One release waiting game is still ongoing, even though Verizon confirmed the smartphone will be available to purchase tomorrow on August 22 the website still shows the sign up page. Below you will see price details of the HTC One, but we believe the prices are not enticing enough.

In a way it seems Verizon is more bothered about getting the Droid Ultra and Maxx smartphones to its customers rather than the HTC One, it does not make sense at all to leave a splendid handset like the HTC One sitting in the dark for so long. This could be the case Verizon consumers have waited long enough for the HTC One and will now head towards the Motorola Droid Maxx, maybe this was the plan from the get go.

We are not too sure if Verizon will be selling the black or blue HTC One, but Droid Life have reported the silver HTC One has arrived in Verizon Stores.

The 32GB HTC One has been priced at $599.99 if you buy outright, and on contract it will cost customers $199.99 for the handset on a 2-year contract according to GottaBeMobile.

We personally believe Verizon should have sold the HTC One a lot cheaper to entice more customers to sign up with them, customers have waited for a long time now for the HTC One, which has been out for a while on other networks, they should have put icing on the cake to sweeten the deal.

Verizon surely have a much better signed deal with Motorola selling the new Droid series, otherwise they would have had the HTC One in Verizon stores sooner.

Are you interested in the Verizon HTC One or will you opt for the Motorola Droid Maxx or Ultra?


11 thoughts on “Verizon HTC One prices are not enticing”

  1. Josh Holtrust says:

    AT&T contract price is $199. And unless you buy more than one, the Sprint contract price is $199. Best Buy mobile contract price is $199. Why would Verizon have it any cheaper?

    1. Keep up on the latest info says:

      Costco has it for $120. Sprint is running a 2 for one.
      $199 is way out of line.

      1. Josh Holtrust says:

        You’re comparing apples to oranges. You need to do pricing comparisons between the correct stores. Go to an AT&T store, the One is $199. And I already commented on the Sprint situation. However, not everybody buys 2 phones. If you buy a single HTC One at Sprint, it’s $199. I’m sure Costco will have the Verizon version cheaper as well.

        1. Guest says:

          Sam’s Club and Wirefly both are selling the One for $150. What difference does it make 3rd party vs. “Official”? You get the same phone, with the same service with the same warranty. Sounds like Apples to Apples to me.

          1. Josh Holtrust says:

            It’s not, but whatever you want to think. Your thinking is flawed, but it’s cool.

          2. Josh Holtrust says:

            Not sure how you can agree yet say something that’s totally opposite. Shows how smart you are. There IS a difference between 3rd party stores and official carrier stores. Carrier stores are bound by the corporate pricing. 3rd party stores are free to set their own prices. This is why you often see 3rd party stores with cheaper prices. Again, carrier stores are charging $199 for the HTC One. If AT&T were to suddenly drop the HTC One down to $99 on contract, Verizon would follow. But Verizon/AT&T/Sprint do not price compete with 3rd party stores. So no, 3rd party stores vs carrier stores is not apples to apples. They have different pricing guidelines.

          3. guest says:

            Again I was thinking the same thing about you not being too smart. All we are talking about is prices. If you can get it somewhere else why would you go to a corporate store.
            And you keep mentioned ATT, who cares. This story was about Verizon and what they are charging.

            Good luck to you getting at Verizon, oh yeah, you’re ATT. I will get my phone cheaper somewhere else.

          4. Josh Holtrust says:

            I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t buy it at Verizon or 3rd party store. I’m simply saying, the price Verizon charges is in line with every other carrier, which is why I mentioned AT&T. If you want to purchase it at a 3rd party store, go ahead, it’s probably a smart idea if you’re saving money. And no, I’m not AT&T. I have Verizon. And I’m getting it for $99 at a Verizon store, as I have a coupon that I have been waiting to use on this phone.

  2. Verizon Wireless says:

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, I work for Verizon and the bad news is…tomorrow you can Pre-order the HTC One, it won’t be available in store yet until sometime in September.

    1. Josh Holtrust says:

      Incorrect. I am picking mine up tomorrow from a Verizon corporate store. All 3 corporate stores in my area have them in stock for tomorrow on a first come, first serve basis. It may vary by location, but here, they’ve got them ready to sell.