Samsung Galaxy S4 price tumbles in India with S5 debut


Most people who follow new smartphone arrivals will already have heard about the official introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S5 last week. This is a premium handset and will be priced accordingly, although its predecessor the Galaxy S4 is still a hugely impressive device. Now the Samsung Galaxy S4 price is tumbling in India following the S5 debut.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will release in regions across the world from April but if you don’t have to have the very latest device then the Galaxy S4 still has plenty of appeal. It’s not even a week since the big reveal of the S5 but the price of the S4 has dropped significantly since that time.

The Galaxy S4 price has now fallen by around Rs. 10,000 so you can now buy one for around Rs. 30,000 depending on outlet. When it first launched in India it was priced at Rs. 41,500 and so there are now some significant savings to be enjoyed.

ShopClues.com for example is now selling the Galaxy S4 for Rs. 29,999. It’s also available from other online retailers such as Amazon.in, Flipkart or Snapdeal for approximately Rs. 30,000.

Samsung hasn’t officially announced a price cut for the S4, but has just introduced a buyback offer for the S4, S4 Mini and Galaxy Note 2, with various cash-back sums according to the device. The price of the Galaxy S5 for India has not yet been confirmed by the company.

While there are now some excellent price savings available for the Galaxy S4, it’s worth considering that prices may fall further still, especially as we get closer to the release of the Galaxy S5 in India.

Are you thinking of buying the Galaxy S4 now, or perhaps you’re going to wait and hope the price falls even more? Perhaps your heart is already set on the Galaxy S5?

Source: Times of India

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