giffgaff 4G is coming


giffgaff are known for cheap prices, Unlimited data and contract free offers and now they’re going 4G, on their official website they now have a dedicated 4G page.

What do you need to get access to their 4G network? Well they break it down in three easy steps and they are coverage (from O2), a 4G phone and a giffgaff 4G SIM, yes it really is that simple.

The only problem we can see is that we can’t seem to find a launch date and when you try and order a 4G sim card it says sorry you’ve already got a sim, so yeah it looks like that needs a quick fix.

If giffgaff can offer Unlimited 4G for the current £12 they offer 3G on then that would be very impressive, but I feel we will be seeing a price increase soon for those clamming for 4G

Source: coolsmartphone
Via: giffgaff


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